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How orthodontic treatment can help with gapped teeth

Gaps between the teeth are fairly common, particularly between the front teeth of the upper jaw. There are many causes for gaps in the teeth, with the positioning of the maxillary labial fraenum (the string of tissue that attaches your top lip to your upper gum) being one of the...

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Lingual Braces or Clear Aligners - Which should you choose?

We are certainly spoilt for choice, when it comes to the types of teeth straightening treatments available. It is no wonder that more and more adults in the UK are choosing to have braces to give them a better smile. Over the years, technology has advanced in more ways than...

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3 type of foods to avoid when wearing braces

Wearing any type of brace – whether it be metal or clear - will require you to take good care of them. If you have had any friends or relatives who have undergone orthodontic treatment previously, you may recall times when they had to avoid certain types of foods. When...

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