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Your teeth are one of the main features of your physical appearance – they are constantly on show.  When you’re smiling for those memorable photographs or speaking to people, you want your teeth to look their best. If you are someone who is conscious of their smile, due to the appearance of your teeth, then there are different types of orthodontic treatment that are available to help solve this.

Advanced Technology

With technology improving, orthodontists are able to use state of the art equipment to help create an ideal look for your teeth through a teeth-straightening procedure.  Orthodontists work on your teeth, to get them in the desired position. Invisalign® and Incognito® are two types of teeth straightening procedures, which work steadily on straightening your teeth – but have some differences with how they work.


Invisalign® works by you having to wear a set of clear aligners – which are changed every 2 weeks, to slightly adjust the position of your teeth at each interval.  The aligners will go unnoticed as the name suggests – they are invisible.  This type of treatment is very popular with adults, with the brand even celebrating having their 3 millionth patient.

Invisalign® is different to Incognito® as the aligners can be removed whilst drinking, eating and brushing your teeth. Whereas with Incognito®, these are fixed braces that fit similarly to how metal braces are fitted.


Incognito® works in a similar way to Invisalign® - except the wires are positioned behind your teeth -  and again, this system will go unnoticed because of where it is placed in your mouth.  It is generally used to straighten teeth which are severely crooked or protruding.  It’s particularly effective when addressing more complex dental issues within patients, such as overbites and underbites.

Incognito® differs from Invisalign®, as it used through placing a type of wire behind your teeth.  Whereas Invisalign® uses clear aligners, which have a very similar appearance to retainers.  Both types of treatments are well known in the orthodontic industry.

If you choose to go with Invisalign®, nobody will realise that you are wearing braces. So, if you are working, and are conscious about others noticing the braces, then this would be a perfect option and solution.


Oldham Orthodontics offer a variety of orthodontic treatment, including Invisalign®.  For more information you can visit their website.