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Whilst braces are commonly associated with children and teenagers, many adults are also in need of orthodontic treatment having avoided it when growing up. The main reason that many adults avoid getting braces is that traditional braces are generally thought of as unattractive and uncomfortable; this is due in part to the media’s depiction of braces. In television, films and in magazines, metal braces are commonly described as being ugly and are often associated with nerdy, weak characters. Unsurprisingly, this is enough reason for many people to avoid having braces when they need them.

What many adults don’t realise is that traditional fixed braces aren’t the only way to straighten the teeth. In recent years, orthodontists have developed a number of less invasive and more discreet teeth straightening solutions, for example, clear aligners that can be worn like a mouth guard. At Oldham Orthodontics, invisalign® is our chosen brand of aligners and is one of our most popular treatments.

There are a number of reasons by increasing numbers of adults are drawn to invisalign® treatment:

1 Increased confidence

Invisalign® clear aligners are barely visible. As most adults feel extremely self-conscious about wearing fixed metal braces and having a mouth full of brackets and wires, the draw of Invisalign is understandable. As invisalign® aligners are clear, thin and fitted perfectly to each individuals teeth, it is unlikely anyone will ever know you’re wearing them without being told. Whilst metal braces can affect your speech as they can be quite bulky in the mouth, this isn’t the case with invisalign®.

With no visible or verbal signs that you are wearing aligners, you can feel confident in your smile without worrying about what other people think about your treatment.

2 invisalign® makes social situations easier

Smiling is a big part of socialising. Traditional braces can make you feel like the odd one out in social situations, as your smile will stand out more with metal brackets and wires in your mouth. As invisalign® aligners are barely visible, there is no need to worry about attracting attention.

3 There’s no reason to change your diet

Traditional metal braces are fixed to your teeth, not only making it difficult to eat hard or sticky foods, but also making it easier for food to get caught in your teeth. If you are out and about and not likely to be able to clean your teeth immediately after eating, the idea of having unsightly food caught in your teeth is embarrassing. This can lead to people changing their diet to avoid foods that may get caught in their braces.

As invisalign® aligners can be removed at meal times, there is no reason to change your current diet and lifestyle.

4 Cleaning your teeth is easier

Metal braces provide an obstacle course for your toothbrush, making it very hard for you to reach all areas of your teeth when brushing. This can make maintaining your oral hygiene quite difficult. invisalign® treatment means that you can take out your aligners to clean your teeth, allowing you to brush every surface area and floss with ease.

5 Convenient appointments and treatment schedule

One of the biggest cons of wearing traditional braces is that they must be tightened on a regular basis, and treatment can last for as long as two years – this means many inconvenient appointments with your orthodontist. invisalign® uses 3D imaging technology to produce custom made aligners for your teeth, and produce new sets as your teeth begin to move. Rather than having to spend time having your teeth tightened, invisalign® appointments are less frequent and generally only incorporate a quick check-up and acceptance of your new aligners.

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